ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 165 Juli 2020

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1. Complete and accurate data correction for seamless mosaicking of airborne hyperspectral images: A case study at a mining site in Inner Mongolia, China p. 1-15
2. A simple and effective method for removing residual reflected skylight in above-water remote sensing reflectance measurements p. 16-27
3. Mapping the condition of macadamia tree crops using multi-spectral UAV and WorldView-3 imageryp. 28-40
4. GRNet: Geometric relation network for 3D object detection from point clouds p. 43-53
5. Reconstruction of lines and planes of urban buildings with angle regularization p. 54-66
6. Long time-series remote sensing analysis of the periodic cycle evolution of the inlets and ebb-tidal delta of Xincun Lagoon, Hainan Island, China p. 67-85
7. Unsupervised semantic and instance segmentation of forest point clouds p. 86-97
8. On the influence of sub-pixel position correction for PS localization accuracy and time series quality p. 98-107
9. UAVid: A semantic segmentation dataset for UAV imagery p. 108-119
10. A novel skyline context descriptor for rapid localization of terrestrial laser scans to airborne laser scanning point clouds p. 120-132
11. An automated PCA-based approach towards optimization of the rational function model p. 133-139
12. Mapping PM2.5 concentration at a sub-km level resolution: A dual-scale retrieval approach p. 140-151
13. Estimating offshore oil production using DMSP-OLS annual composites p. 152-171
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Volume 165 July 2020

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