ISPRS Journal Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 162 April 2020

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1. Voronoi classified and clustered data constellation: A new 3D data structure for geomarketing strategies p. 1-16
2. Recent ENSO influence on East African drought during rainy seasons through the synergistic use of satellite and reanalysis data p. 17-26
3. Detection of Xylella fastidiosa infection symptoms with airborne multispectral and thermal imagery: Assessing bandset reduction performance from hyperspectral analysis p. 27-40
4. A trunk-based SLAM backend for smartphones with online SLAM in large-scale forest inventories p. 41-49
5. Directionally constrained fully convolutional neural network for airborne LiDAR point cloud classification p. 50-62
6. Global high-resolution mountain green cover index mapping based on Landsat images and Google Earth Engine p. 63-76
7. A global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop p. 77-93
8. ResUNet-a: A deep learning framework for semantic segmentation of remotely sensed data p. 94-114
9. Destruction from sky: Weakly supervised approach for destruction detection in satellite imagery p. 115-124
10. Geocoding of trees from street addresses and street-level images p. 125-136
11. Segmentation of large-scale remotely sensed images on a Spark platform: A strategy for handling massive image tiles with the MapReduce model p. 137-147
12. Thick cloud and cloud shadow removal in multitemporal imagery using progressively spatio-temporal patch group deep learning p. 148-160
13. Above-ground biomass estimation and yield prediction in potato by using UAV-based RGB and hyperspectral imaging p. 161-172
14. Integrated geometric self-calibration of stereo cameras onboard the ZiYuan-3 satellite p. 173-183
15. Conterminous United States land cover change patterns 2001–2016 from the 2016 National Land Cover Database p. 184-199
16. LiDAR-guided dense matching for detecting changes and updating of buildings in Airborne LiDAR data p. 200-213
17. An integrated environmental analytics system (IDEAS) based on a DGGS p. 214-228
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Volume 162 April 2020

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