ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol.147 January 2019

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1. Efficient and robust lane marking extraction from mobile lidar point clouds p. 1-18
2. Structure from motion for ordered and unordered image sets based on random k-d forests and global pose estimation p. 19-41
3. Aerial imagery for roof segmentation: A large-scale dataset towards automatic mapping of buildings p. 42-55
4. Spectral-consistent relative radiometric normalization for multitemporal Landsat 8 imagery p. 56-64
5. Saliency detection of targets in polarimetric SAR images based on globally weighted perturbation filters p. 65-79
6. A multi-faceted CNN architecture for automatic classification of mobile LiDAR data and an algorithm to reproduce point cloud samples for enhanced training p. 80-89
7. Ailanthus altissima mapping from multi-temporal very high resolution satellite images p. 90-103
8. Modeling alpine grassland forage phosphorus based on hyperspectral remote sensing and a multi-factor machine learning algorithm in the east of Tibetan Plateau, China p. 104-117
9. Practical optimal registration of terrestrial LiDAR scan pairs p. 118-131
10. Is field-measured tree height as reliable as believed – A comparison study of tree height estimates from field measurement, airborne laser scanning and terrestrial laser scanning in a boreal forest p. 132-145
11. Simplification of geometric objects in an indoor space p. 146-162
12. Multispectral change detection using multivariate Kullback-Leibler distance p. 163-177
13. A deep learning framework for road marking extraction, classification and completion from mobile laser scanning point clouds p. 178-192
14. Learnable manifold alignment (LeMA): A semi-supervised cross-modality learning framework for land cover and land use classification p. 193-205
15. Generating a series of land covers by assimilating the existing land cover maps p. 206-214
16. Segmentation-aided classification of hyperspectral data using spatial dependency of spectral bands p. 215-231
17. Canopy penetration depth estimation with TanDEM-X and its compensation in temperate forests p. 232-241
18. Analogue-based colorization of remote sensing images using textural information p. 242-254
19. Co-polarization channel imbalance phase estimation by corner-reflector-like targets p. 255-266
20. Evaluating the capability of the Sentinel 2 data for soil organic carbon prediction in croplands p. 267-282
21. Correcting rural building annotations in OpenStreetMap using convolutional neural networks p. 283-293
22. Measuring stem diameters with TLS in boreal forests by complementary fitting procedure p. 294-306
23. Marker-free coregistration of UAV and backpack LiDAR point clouds in forested areas p. 307-318
24. Scale-variable region-merging for high resolution remote sensing image segmentation p. 319-334
25. Wavelet approach applied to EVI/MODIS time series and meteorological data p. 335-344
26. Generating a hyperspectral digital surface model using a hyperspectral 2D frame camera p. 345-360
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Vol.147 January 2019

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