ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol.148 February 2019

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1. Analysis of urban surface morphologic effects on diurnal thermal directional anisotropy p. 1-12
2. Improving LiDAR classification accuracy by contextual label smoothing in post-processing p. 13-31
3. A derivative-free optimization-based approach for detecting architectural symmetries from 3D point clouds p. 32-40
4. Seamline network generation based on foreground segmentation for orthoimage mosaicking p. 41-53
5. Retrieving leaf area index in discontinuous forest using ICESat/GLAS full-waveform data based on gap fraction model p. 54-62
6. Participatory mapping of forest plantations with Open Foris and Google Earth Engine p. 63-74
7. A random forest classifier based on pixel comparison features for urban LiDAR data p. 75-86
8. How do people understand convenience-of-living in cities? A multiscale geographic investigation in Beijing p. 87-102
9. Cloud removal in remote sensing images using nonnegative matrix factorization and error correction p. 103-113
10. Estimating canopy structure and biomass in bamboo forests using airborne LiDAR data p. 114-129
11. Potential of nonlocally filtered pursuit monostatic TanDEM-X data for coastline detection p. 130-141
12. Improvement of photogrammetric accuracy by modeling and correcting the thermal effect on camera calibration p. 142-155
13. Mapping the Yellow River Delta land subsidence with multitemporal SAR interferometry by exploiting both persistent and distributed scatterers p. 157-173
14. TanDEM-X digital surface models in boreal forest above-ground biomass change detection p. 174-183
15. Point clouds for direct pedestrian pathfinding in urban environments p. 184-196
16. Another look on region merging procedure from seed region shift for high-resolution remote sensing image segmentation p. 197-207
17. Variation of leaf angle distribution quantified by terrestrial LiDAR in natural European beech forest p. 208-220
18. Mapping salt marsh soil properties using imaging spectroscopy p. 221-234
19. Assessment of Caatinga response to drought using Meteosat-SEVIRI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (2008–2016) p. 235-252
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Vol.148 February 2019

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