ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol.150 April 2019

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1. Design and evaluation of a full-wave surface and bottom-detection algorithm for LiDAR bathymetry of very shallow waters p. 1-10
2. Including Sentinel-1 radar data to improve the disaggregation of MODIS land surface temperature data p. 11-26
3. Evolution of the topography of tidal flats and sandbanks along the Jiangsu coast from 1973 to 2016 observed from satellites p. 27-43
4. Learning high-level features by fusing multi-view representation of MLS point clouds for 3D object recognition in road environments☆ p. 44-58
5. Semantic segmentation of slums in satellite images using transfer learning on fully convolutional neural networks p. 59-69
6. Box-level segmentation supervised deep neural networks for accurate and real-time multispectral pedestrian detection p. 70-79
7. Deep gradient prior network for DEM super-resolution: Transfer learning from image to DEM p. 80-90
8. A higher-order tensor voting-based approach for road junction detection and delineation from airborne LiDAR data p. 91-114
9. Segmentation for Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA): A review of algorithms and challenges from remote sensing perspective p. 115-134
10. Time-lapse optical flow regularization for geophysical complex phenomena monitoring p. 135-156
11. BIM-Tracker: A model-based visual tracking approach for indoor localisation using a 3D building model p. 157-171
12. Automatic sensor orientation using horizontal and vertical line feature constraints p. 172-184
13.Inversion of rice canopy chlorophyll content and leaf area index based on coupling of radiative transfer and Bayesian network models p. 185-196
14. Deep learning based cloud detection for medium and high resolution remote sensing images of different sensors p. 197-212
15. Albedo estimation for real-time 3D reconstruction using RGB-D and IR data p. 213-225
16. Estimate of winter-wheat above-ground biomass based on UAV ultrahigh-ground-resolution image textures and vegetation indices p. 226-244
17. BIM-PoseNet: Indoor camera localisation using a 3D indoor model and deep learning from synthetic images p. 245-258
18. A graph convolutional neural network for classification of building patterns using spatial vector data p. 259-273
19. Extracting sinkhole features from time-series of TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X data p. 274-284
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Vol.150 April 2019

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