ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol.152 June 2019

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1. Spatial, temporal, and spectral variations in albedo due to vegetation changes in China’s grasslands p. 1-12
2. An improved algorithm for estimating the Secchi disk depth from remote sensing data based on the new underwater visibility theory p. 13-23
3. Characterization and modeling of power line corridor elements from LiDAR point clouds p. 24-33
4. Remote sensing image fusion via compressive sensing p. 34-48
5. A novel framework to detect conventional tillage and no-tillage cropping system effect on cotton growth and development using multi-temporal UAS data p. 49-64
6. Estimating forest stand density and structure using Bayesian individual tree detection, stochastic geometry, and distribution matching☆ p. 66-78
7. Scale invariant line-based co-registration of multimodal aerial data using L1 minimization of spatial and angular deviations p. 79-93
8. Automatic land-water classification using multispectral airborne LiDAR data for near-shore and river environments p. 94-108
9. Normalization of the temporal effect on the MODIS land surface temperature product using random forest regression p. 109-118
10. Investigating the effects of 3D urban morphology on the surface urban heat island effect in urban functional zones by using high-resolution remote sensing data: A case study of Wuhan, Central China p. 119-131
11. Data extraction from digital repeat photography using xROI: An interactive framework to facilitate the process p. 132-144
12. A new stochastic simulation algorithm for image-based classification: Feature-space indicator simulation p. 145-165
13. Deep learning in remote sensing applications: A meta-analysis and review p. 166-177
14. Urban flood mapping with an active self-learning convolutional neural network based on TerraSAR-X intensity and interferometric coherence p. 178-191
15. Meta-analysis of deep neural networks in remote sensing: A comparative study of mono-temporal classification to support vector machines p. 192-210
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Vol.152 June 2019

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