ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol.153 July 2019

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1. Reliable image matching via photometric and geometric constraints structured by Delaunay triangulation p. 1-20
2. Illumination-Robust remote sensing image matching based on oriented self-similarity p. 21-35
3. Developing a new cross-sensor calibration model for DMSP-OLS and Suomi-NPP VIIRS night-light imageries p. 36-47
4. Social sensing from street-level imagery: A case study in learning spatio-temporal urban mobility patterns p. 48-58
5. Determining switching threshold for NIR-SWIR combined atmospheric correction algorithm of ocean color remote sensing p. 59-73
6. Relative space-based GIS data model to analyze the group dynamics of moving objects p. 74-95
7. Innovative pheno-network model in estimating crop phenological stages with satellite time series p. 96-109
8. Effects of broad bandwidth on the remote sensing of inland waters: Implications for high spatial resolution satellite data applications p. 110-122
9. An a-contrario method of mismatch detection for two-view pushbroom satellite images p. 123-136
10. Thin cloud removal with residual symmetrical concatenation network☆ p. 137-150
11. Structural segmentation and classification of mobile laser scanning point clouds with large variations in point density p. 151-165
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Vol.153 July 2019

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