ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol.154 August 2019

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1. Pixel size of aerial imagery constrains the applications of unmanned aerial vehicle in crop breeding p. 1-9
2. Generation of long-term InSAR ground displacement time-series through a novel multi-sensor data merging technique: The case study of the Shanghai coastal area p. 10-27
3. LAM: Locality affine-invariant feature matching p. 28-40
4. Automatic extraction of accurate 3D tie points for trajectory adjustment of mobile laser scanners using aerial imagery p. 41-58
5. Explanation for the seam line discontinuity in terrestrial laser scanner point clouds p. 59-69
6. Improving public data for building segmentation from Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for fused airborne lidar and image data using active contours p. 70-83
7. Real-time georeferencing of thermal images using small fixed-wing UAVs in maritime environments p. 84-97
8. Semantic segmentation of road furniture in mobile laser scanning data p. 98-113
9. Semi-automatic extraction of liana stems from terrestrial LiDAR point clouds of tropical rainforests p. 114-126
10. Modelling of buildings from aerial LiDAR point clouds using TINs and label maps p. 127-138
11. A critical analysis of satellite stereo pairs for digital surface model generation and a matching quality prediction model p. 139-150
12. Local climate zone-based urban land cover classification from multi-seasonal Sentinel-2 images with a recurrent residual network p. 151-162
13. Measurement of three dimensional volcanic plume properties using multiple ground based infrared cameras p. 163-175
14. Evaluation of topographic effects on multiscale leaf area index estimation using remotely sensed observations from multiple sensors p. 176-188
15. Estimating leaf area index and aboveground biomass of grazing pastures using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Landsat images p. 189-201
16. Learning from data: A post classification method for annual land cover analysis in urban areas p. 202-215
17. Development of soil moisture indices from differences in water absorption between shortwave-infrared bands p. 216-230
18. Calculating potential evapotranspiration and single crop coefficient based on energy balance equation using Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 p. 231-245
19. Pyramid scene parsing network in 3D: Improving semantic segmentation of point clouds with multi-scale contextual information p. 246-258
20. Direct linear and refraction-invariant pose estimation and calibration model for underwater imaging p. 259-271
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Vol.154 August 2019

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