Land Use Policy Vol.100, January 2021

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1. Understanding support for regulatory approaches to wildfire management and performance of property mitigations on private lands p.1-15
2. Understanding cultural ecosystem services related to farmlands: Expert survey in Europe p.1-9
3. Fostering adaptive co-management with stakeholder participation in the surroundings of soda pans in Kiskunság, Hungary – An assessment p.1-14
4. Land titling as a conflict remedy or driver? Analyzing institutional outcomes through latent and manifest conflicts in China’s forest sector p.1-10
5. A sustainable agricultural landscape model for tropical drylands p.1-11
6. Land use and cover modeling as a tool for analyzing nature conservation policies – A case study of Juréia-Itatins p.1-12
7. Measuring the effectiveness of land consolidation: An economic approach based on selected case studies from Poland p.1-10
8. Exploring the regional efficiency of the Swedish agricultural sector during the CAP reforms ‒ multi-directional efficiency analysis approach p.1-10
9. The World Bank and market-assisted land reform in Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala p.1-11
10. Environmental drivers and sustainable transition of dachas in Eastern Europe: An analytical overview p.1-13
11. Trend assessment of the watershed health based on DPSIR framework p.1-9
12. Urban and rural destinations on Instagram: Exploring the influencers’ role in #sustainabletourism p.1-11
13. Analysis of commercial land leasing of the district governments of Beijing in China p.1-10
14. Assessing correctness of local spatial policy using information on commencement of construction investment process p.1-19
15. Identifying agents of change for sustainable land governance p.1-12
16. Aligning Inner Peripheries with rural development in Italy: Territorial evidence to support policy contextualization p.1-14
17. Assessing the impacts of land tenure regularization: Evidence from Rwanda and Ethiopia p.1-9
18. Green-depressing cropping system: A referential land use practice for fallow to ensure a harmonious human-land relationship in the farming-pastoral ecotone of northern China p.1-14
19. Nexus between nature-based solutions, ecosystem services and urban challenges p.1-22
20. Improving governance of tenure in policy and practice: The case of Myanmar p1-12
21. High boreal forest multifunctionality requires continuous cover forestry as a dominant management p.1-10
22. Decision support framework to rank and prioritise the potential land areas for comprehensive land consolidation p.1-11
23. One+One+One=A lot: The cumulative effect of Israel’s flagship urban renewal policy on neighborhood diversity p.1-12
24. Tryout and (Dis)adoption of conservation agriculture. Evidence from Western Madagascar p.1-13
25. The impacts of Acacia decurrens plantations on livelihoods in rural Ethiopia p.1-12
26. Ideal vs real forest management: Challenges in promoting production-oriented silvicultural ideals among small-scale forest owners in southern Sweden p.1-11
27. Funding deficits of protected areas in Brazil p.1-6

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Vol.100, January 2021

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